Liz Davis

Owner and life-long artist Elizabeth Davis takes her inspiration from her experiences. She attended the Maryland Institute College of Art where she trained in Photography, Painting and Sculpture. She also took classes at UMBC in printmaking and art history. Davis owned The Little Yellow Paintbrush Artist's Studio in its budding stages in Crownsville, Maryland, when it offered interior design in American Clay and custom prints and paintings. She went on to teach contemporary printmaking, Intaglio printing, linoleum cuts, water-based ink methods along with teaching concepts and imagery through mixed media art at various locations throughout Maryland.

Her work has been showing throughout Maryland and is influenced by her travels to the Caribbean, Beliz, Venezeula, and around the United States themselves. She believes her art is a journey in learning herself, and loves to share dreams, hopes and even pain through her art. She tells stories and hopes that her viewers can take something personal out of each organic and colorful piece. Lately, she is getting into animal totems and sculpture, and hopes to explore this new area of her artistic talents in new work to come.


Bob Benson

Artist Bob Benson retired from the Maryland State Arts council where he was in charge of developing arts councils in all Maryland counties as well as taking care of all music grants.  Bob has been in classical music public radio, most recently at WYPR. Prior to that, he was the morning host at WBJC-FM.  

He became interested in mirror art about six years ago and has created a wide variety of works using mirrors.  A 20 ft. tree made of mirrors is outside the main entrance of the American Visionary Art Museum next to the Inner Harbor. He also made Oceanus, a symbolic ocean into which Icarus fell, and The Sun, which Icarus was trying to reach. Both of these are in the main building of AVAM.  Bob also gives workshops showing how to create mirror art.

Lara Bontempo

Lara Bontempo is the mother of two energetic and loving boys. She is inspired by their openness and joyful enthusiasm. Lara has been teaching yoga in Annapolis, Washington D.C. and Baltimore since the year 2000. She has a B.A. in Theatre Design from the University of Maryland, College Park and composite B.F.A. from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore.  

Lara's visionary self taught artistic expression is personal and playful story telling. Using found objects, textures,colors and clay. Lara's art shares their story of healing, nature and the magic through the joy of her creativity.

Joanne Boughner

Bio coming soon!

Kate Costello

Kate Costello is a sculptor and painter. She was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Annapolis, MD and Rhode Island. She was formally trained as a visual artist specializing in welding and braising techniques at Saint Mary's College.  Her sculptural pieces are whimsical and aesthetically pleasing. They may incorporate copper, steel, lights, and color. She has lately focused on creating creatures from the sea and melding them with forms from her own imagination. You won't find these animals anywhere in the world but Kate's studio and the Little Yellow Paintbrush.
  For each new piece, Kate spends a great deal of time gathering inspiration and planning. By the time she reaches the phase of construction for each piece, she has already built the entirety of it in her head "head-to-toe" or, more accurately, "eye-to-fin".

Trish Doty

Trish Doty began her art education early, with multiple scholarships from Herron School of Art. While she took art courses during her college years, she felt it necessary to gain a more practical major, so spent most of her working years as an educator here and abroad. Six years of that time were spent in Misawa, Japan, where Trish was lucky to be accepted into a small band of students by a renowned Sumi-e master. In Sumi-e, the artist uses only black ink mixed with different amounts of water to obtain shades of gray. It takes years to conquer the method and the strokes; she felt lucky to gain her master’s certificate in Sumi-e.After returning to the United States, she taught college level Japanese and then worked for a Japanese Trading House in Washington D.C. Then, Trish began studying graphic design at MICA. After spending a few years as an independent information graphics artist, she decided to make the leap away from the safety of a mainstream career to devote all her time to fine art. She studied a variety of mediums, but found herself drawn to watercolor; it seemed a natural path, as she was used to a water medium from her sumi-e days. Though transplanted from the Far East to the East Coast, the decision to flow from ink into watercolor brings Trish the same familiar, peaceful, meditative spirit. 

Nina Gallant

To artist Nina Gallant, “art is a quest and a mirror" (painter Marie-Jo Binet). Her creativity leaves her with a sense of personal timelessness, purpose, and happily, art. She says that for her, art is simple, but not easy-the joy is in the journey. She is happiest with work she plays rather than works at, and Nina prefers to remain unattached to a specific outcome. Rather, she feels secure in the knowledge that experiencing the creative process is all of the control she needs and for her, the act of creating becomes more important than the creation itself.

Her paintings are finished when they represent a completed story and assume their own identity. She says her art exists outside of herself, without her. She claims only to own the process, not the product. She says, “Like a good parent, I love and let go.” Her art could be described as both methodical and organized, loose and free-spirited.

Jessica Gordon

Jessica Gordon’s artwork reflects her life experiences, and she prefers to divert to creative inspiration rather than intellectual reasoning.  She says “Each painting is an exercise in letting go and therefore a metaphor for my approach for living. “ 

You don’t completely know Jessica if you do not understand her other passion for color.  Jessica creates harmonizing moods for residential and commercial clients using color psychology applied to paint colors in architectural spaces.  She is an accredited member of the International Association of Color Consultants and continues to love helping people feel great in their spaces. On any given day you can find Jessica talking to a client about color; painting rocks with the Vision Girls; drawing with her son; painting on canvas; painting on people; or even working on promotions for her husband’s music, art, and writing careers.  Jessica’s motto is, “Live to create and create for joy!”

Jessica originally hails from central New Jersey and has fluttered up and down the east coast, landing in the Annapolis MD area in 2002 with her husband.  In 2005 they added their son, Everett to their family.  Jessica obtained her BFA from the Atlanta College of Art (now known as Savannah College of Art & Design, Atlanta campus) in 1997.  Jessica has sold her work in Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.   

Barbara Interlandi

Barbara, a Chicago native now residing in Annapolis, has always been interested in creative expression.  She loved to paint and draw from the time she was six.  She studied acting and costume design at Knox College and later, space planning at the Harrington Institute of Interior Design.   She married, raised two sons, began to practice yoga and became a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher.   Now in her 50’s  and “landing in my own skin”,  she found  her attention return to artistic expression.  It seemed the butterflies were just waiting to be born.  “ I can’t say I planned any of them.  I was compelled to cut out scraps from magazines and catalogs.   Now there are twelve butterflies.    I think of each one as a gift.   I never know how each one will turn out…creative energy has a mind of it’s own.  I just listen with my heart …the butterfly knows when it is finished   It is amazing to watch the transformation unfold.”  Barbara feels fortunate to have the support and encouragement from her artist friends whom she credits for this new found creative expression.

Janet Hall Kerchner

Janet Hall Kerchner has resided in or near Arnold, MD since 1970. From the time she could hold a pencil, Janet loved drawing and painting, particularly animals, and she knew early on that her career would be in art. She attended the Univ. of NH where she completed her BS in Art Ed. in 1970, and completed her graduate studies at Maryland Institute College of Art, in Balt., MD, earning her MFA in Art Ed. in 1978. Retiring from teaching in June 2003, sheopened her own business called, “Your Art’s Desire” and now devotes her time to a variety of commissioned artwork, particularly portraiture. A member of the National Portrait Society of America and a signature member of the Maryland Pastel Society, Janet has painted over 40 commissioned realistic portraits of people and pets in pastels or oils using just photographs and occasional sittings. She enjoys challenges and is comfortable with media beyond pastels and oils, including use of the computer, where she digitally restores damaged photographs, creates logo designs for customers and works with images for future paintings.


Ginny Kuhn

Ginny Engleman Kuhn grew up in Annapolis, MD and with her husband, Philip, an acoustical engineer, pursued photography as a hobby. They always had darkrooms in their homes until the introduction of digital photography. As photography evolved from film to digital, so did Ginny. After many hours of studying the digital world Ginny ventured into greeting cards with her photographs on them. the world of juried art. She discovered how she could make a photograph come alive, enhanced with color, light and creative artistry. “I am a traditional photographer who takes great joy in incorporating the modern technology into my work. It is my passion.”

Ginny has always looked for the unusual in art. She often will take a photograph of a scene and produce only a small section of it. She likes to focus on a portion of the pallet and bring it to life with angles, color and light. As a young woman she worked and studied in Japan learning Taiko, Japanese Drum, Calligraphy flower arranging and the Japanese language. She returned to work at the U.S. Naval Institute, married and has two children. She has played steel drums, guitar and has sang with The Singers Madrigale. She is a member of the Maryland Federation of Art where she has won several awards.

Joyce King LaForce

Joyce King LaForce graduated with a BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design and continued post-graduate studies at The New School in New York City. In addition to oil paintings, she works at printmaking and photography. She has taught art at the International School in Geneva, Switzerland and at various schools in the United States. Her paintings and prints are in numerous private collections in Europe and the US, as well as in corporate offices such as the Celanese Company in New York and the American Petroleum Council in Washington, DC. Joyce is the recipient of many professional awards and had a painting featured in the 1969 Margaret Harold publication Award Winning Art. She and her husband retired to the Eastern Shore in 1993.

Robert A. LaForce

Bob LaForce graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence,
Rhode Island, with a degree in Textile Design. He spent his entire career with
the DuPont and Celanese companies, involved in the development of fibers and
fabrics and merchandising these products to the apparel and home furnishings
industries. He retired to Oxford in 1993 and produces collages and 3
dimensional wall castings, many incorporating found objects.

LeAnne Marquis

LeAnne Marquis is an artist who divides her time between Historic Annapolis, MD and the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of NY. She grew up in New England and ever since she can remember, art in some shape or form has been her passion. She is a graduate of the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School with a BFA in Painting and Drawing and a minor in Sculpture.

While revisiting her intrigue of unique gemstones about 6 years ago, LeAnne discovered her passion for jewelry design and is now obsessed. The gemstones used in her jewelry are hand selected for their beauty and uniqueness. A design may originate from the inspiration of a gemstone or a simple organic shape so since she is always discovering new treasures, LeAnne is always creating something new. Treating each piece as an individual work of wearable art, LeAnne creates timeless jewelry meant for day into evening wear.

George McFarland

George McFarland was born in Dallas, a child of the Depression. He graduated from Southern Methodist University and then served as a USAF Pilot in combat during the Korean War After seven years in the Air Force, he served 26 years in the U.S. Foreign Service, mostly as a political officer in places such as Costa Rica, Cyprus, Istanbul, Peru, Ankara, Brasilia, Antigua. He became fluent in Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese. He then retired in Lima, Peru to write and travel. He helped recover a park there and began to experiment with sculpture on his own. In total, he lived 32 years in other countries. 

In 1997, George moved to Austin, Texas and became more active in wood sculpture. He began distributing his art for exhibition in 2004, and much of his work was purchased by private collectors. He has one large sculpture on permanent display at the Long Center for the Performing Arts in Austin; another is at the Law School of the University of Texas at Austin. He has since moved to Annapolis, and aims for his sculpture to “touch a sense, as music does.”  His fundamental belief when it comes to his art is “what you see is what you see.” He lives with his wife, Rosario and has four children and five grandchildren. 

Pam Miller

Pam Miller grew up in Western Springs, Illinois, but thinks of Annapolis as home these days. Growing up , she says she was never without a camera in her hands. She documented her life, growing up in the Midwest, college, and her early married life in Spain. She moved to California while her husband finished college. Her camera was on hand even then to capture her three sons' childhoods, her moves to Utah, Virginia, Missouri, Maryland and France, and the birth and childhood of her grandson. 

Pam Miller says that “going through those old photos of scenes and milestones provokes smiles both rueful and joyous--and also of anticipation.  What will next cause me to grab the camera: a little boy's happy grin, a gleaming white sail in a puddle of sunshine, my neighbor's triple-leaved orange daylily, a hummingbird in an instant of pause?” She says Annapolis is a photographer's dream location and her home of choice, with “something around every corner and on every creek just asking to be photographed.”

Deacon Ritterbush

A Beachcomber's Odyssey, Vol. 1: Treasures from a Collected Past 

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“THIS generation’s version of Gift from the Sea.” (S. Brownlee, author of Over-Treated)

“A CHARMING mix of memories and history balanced by fascinating details on the treasures we beachcombers like to find on the shore...” (R. LaMotte, author of Pure Sea Glass)

Beaches highlighted in Vol. 1 include those located in Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Georgia, California, Hawai'i, Tonga, Samoa, Jamaica, and Scotland.

Marty Smythe

Marty Smythe works in various forms of art. Some of her favorite medias include mosaic work, painting and mixed media with found objects. She likes to explore many different artistic areas, and takes her art wherever happens to strike her fancy. She also enjoys writing and daydreaming as artistic outlets. She has taken numerous art classes and loves applying the knowledge she gains there. She believes art is fun and therapeutic, and serves as an interesting portal into the self-she encourages everyone to try it. 

Rebecca Snure

Rebecca Snure learned the French serti method of painting on silk, while staying at a gorgeous chateau nestled in the rolling hills of the Morvan area of Burgundy. It became her artistic passion and she now produces silk scarves, wraps, blouses, pillows and recently, silk ascots.  Her inspiration comes from plants, flowers and fruits, and everyday observations of the nature surrounding us. She draws freehand onto stretched silk, then letting the dye flow and fuse with the silk. Rebecca likes to travel and enjoys doing scarf painting and scarf-tying demonstrations in and around Annapolis, MD. 

Marisa Sochor

Marisa Sochor is a young artist out of Maryland. She is the artist of Fluidity Moves Photography and is behind this website design. From a young age, she was exposed to and interested in various forms of art. She is a budding artist hoping to get exposed and find clients for creative portraiture, event documentation, and animal photography. 

In her photos, she tries to capture emotion, color and detail. Her best friend is her Nikon DSLR, and she enjoys photographing everything from people to animals to special events. Her inspiration comes from the emotions she feels and the things she’s gone through in her young life, and she says, “I owe everything to my supportive artistic mother that I have gotten where I am with my photography, as well as the love and encouragement I've received from my father and boyfriend Juan Araluce, whom has always encouraged me to follow my heart.” 

Larry Stevens

Larry Stevens was born in Baltimore, Maryland and has lived in Maryland all of his life. From an early age Larry was drawing and painting, and he strongly believes God has blessed him with a “talent to take the art world to another level.” He uses specific colors and art forms to touch the viewer’s spirit and soul. Larry describes himself as “a happy person with many visions of life, and describes his art as nothing short of “revolutionary – it has no rules it is free, it pulls at the spirit and makes you reflect.”

Larry gets his inspiration “when I see a vision that can touch someone, make them smile, or give them hope, that’s my inspiration.” He says he feels that we are “through a new age – a time for change in the art world as we look forward to the future.” 

Tom Yates

Tom Yates has been creating his unique brand of wood sculptures since 1993. Working out of his studio on Maryland's Eastern Shore, he finds inspiration-on his long walks along the shores and inlets of the Chesapeake. He 'sees' his creations in the root structures of these old trees and brings them to life through a detailed process of design, carving, and finishing. His work balances the natural beauty of the wood with his design and carving skills to produce striking faces and figures often described as 'Eastern Shore tree spirits'. His work can be custom designed or purchased from available or in-progress works on line or at various galleries and gift shops.